How Freelancing is Influencing a Generation of Employees

Recently came across this article written by Jon Younger on Freelancing impact on the future of employment. Here’s some of the key themes from Jon’s article, Freelancing is Influencing a Generation of Employees:

  • Freelancing is becoming a popular career choice with large year-over-year increases in the freelance workforce.
  • New startups aim to serve the online talent marketplace like Flexing It (India), Expertera (Turkey) and Hoxby Collection (UK).
  • Beyond being an individual career, Freelancing is changing the way Millenials and Gen-Z employees go to work!

Here are the top eight ways that freelancing is adapting the workforce, according to Mr. Young:

  1. Millennial and Gen-Z workers are treating jobs as gigs.
  2. Reasons for changing jobs is similar to why freelancers freelance.
    • be my own boss > a difficult boss
    • more choice & flexibility > work that doesn’t interest them
    • greater variety > not growing professional/learning new skills
  3. Employers are trying to offer more flexibility to compete.
  4. Employers are taking more ownership in helping employees “skill proof” their career.
  5. Side hustles are turning more mainstream workers into part-time freelancers.
  6. Employers are in-part using places like WeWork and other co-work facilities.
  7. Employees and Freelancers are creating blended teams and cultures.
  8. As freelancing becomes a pathway to employment; more and more workers are going to come with Gig Economy expectations.

Read the full article here:

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