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Are you ready to start freelancing or become an independent consultant but don't know where to start?

Do you want to be able to choose your work and schedule but need a push and a plan?  The Gig Startup has created this freelancing startup workbook for freelancers and consultants to help you chase your dreams starting now!


The Fundamentals of Freelancing & Consulting

The "secrets" to getting & keeping new business

How to keep your business and personal life healthy.


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Stop waiting for the perfect time to chase your dreams. The fact is, there's never going to be a perfect time!

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Create Your Dream Job

Gain insight and clarity into your "why" and establish short and long term goals that you can begin working toward immediately.

Know Your Potential

Know what services and skills you can sell in what marketplace and to what customer. Learn to understand your potential in a way that lets you maximize revenue and minimize risks.

Thrive Instead of Survive

Learn the five common causes of failure for small business what you need to do to THRIVE instead of survive or worse.

The Gig Startup Fundamentals Workbook covers topics like:

  • Defining your career goals.
  • Setting business goals.
  • Setting your mindset.
  • Defining your market focus.
  • Defining your industry focus
  • Defining your customer focus.

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Avoid these 4 common causes of small business failure.

Failure to clearly define and understand your market and customers.

Not having enough startup and ongoing capital.

Choosing work that isn't profitable.

Over dependence on a single customer. 

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We will not spam, rent or otherwise sell your information.