Freelancers and the Future of Human Employment

Here is an interesting article from Julian Vigo who writes for Forbes Magazine. The article is titled Virtual Freelancers and the Future of Human Employment.

Here’s a top line summary of this article:

  • The rise of the Internet has caused a shift in work.
  • Today, 1/3 of the US workforce is freelance and this number is expected to rise steadily.
  • Freelancing has some pros and cons:
    • some work rights, like paid leave, are non-existent.
    • lack of access to healthcare & retirement plans.
    • 92% of freelancers say they work on vacation.
    • some feel liberated; others use freelancing to return to work.
  • This shift in workforce is causing changes to systems like Workers Compensation.
  • Freelancers tend to have jobs where they are less likely to be injured: creative, IT, copywriting, etc.
  • Court cases in London and Madrid have large companies who use freelancers on the defense.

Want to know more? Read the entire article about freelancers and the future of employment using this link.

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