How Freelancing Can Help Your Career (

If you’re interested in freelancing, check out this quick read from… How Freelancing Can Help Your Career. Highlights: Approach things in a timely manner. Always be brainstorming new ideas. Say yes as often as you can. Know your worth. Balance your interests. Know how a business functions.

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How Freelancing is Influencing a Generation of Employees

Computers on Table

Recently came across this article written by Jon Younger on Freelancing impact on the future of employment. Here’s some of the key themes from Jon’s article, Freelancing is Influencing a Generation of Employees: Freelancing is becoming a popular career choice with large year-over-year increases in the freelance workforce. New startups aim to serve the online…

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Freelancers and the Future of Human Employment

Here is an interesting article from Julian Vigo who writes for Forbes Magazine. The article is titled Virtual Freelancers and the Future of Human Employment. Here’s a top line summary of this article: The rise of the Internet has caused a shift in work. Today, 1/3 of the US workforce is freelance and this number…

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Becoming a Freelance Food App Delivery Person

Phone with Food Delivery App on Screen

Are you interested in Becoming a Freelance Food App Delivery Person? Have you considered driving or delivering for Uber, Postmates or Door Dash. This article is definitely worth reading. Andy Newman, a reporter for The New York Times, worked as a bike deliveryman for app-based food services like Uber Eats, Postmates and DoorDash. Read the…

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Freshbooks Releases 3rd Annual American Self-Employment Report — Insight into Becoming a Freelancer

If you’re considering becoming a freelancer as a career, you’re not alone.  Freshbooks recently released it’s 3rd Annual American Self-Employment Report reporting that nearly 27 million people have considered abandoning their full-time jobs in favor of self-employment but far fewer have made the leap.   Here are some of the key results of the study: College education is become…

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